January 17, 2011

Welcome to people food!

How people food got its name:  My beautiful, produce-loving, incredibly affectionate yellow lab Honey.  Whenever I am in the kitchen, which happens to be quite often, Honey is right there with me at my knees begging for whatever she can get.  Tomatoes happen to be her favorite, (although she is willing to try whatever I will toss her way).  I often find myself having to defend my spot at the counter, desperately trying to explain that whatever I have in my hands is “people food” and therefore not suitable for her very sophisticated palate, or good for her sometimes-sensitive stomach.  (I should mention that other than tomatoes, she LOVES the taste of paper…).  Already thinking of beginning a food blog, and after agonizing over what-in-the-world I was going to name it (it was a discouraging week), I finally realized that the name was right there in front of me!

Why I decided to start a blog:  I love food.  Pure and simple.  Not only the experience of cooking, and baking, but everything that comes along with food itself.  From the ordinary details to the special indulgences. I love the many colors, textures, aromas, sounds and flavors associated with food… and the memories we create with it.  I wanted to create a place where I could share my enthusiasm, everyday experiences and recipes with my friends, family, and fellow food lovers that I hope to meet along the way…

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  1. Your reason for starting a blog (last paragraph above) reminds me that "really good food" is made at home and with love...that you just can't get in a box or in 99% of the restaurants. Taking time to enjoy and savor the food we eat is healthier, too!