February 25, 2012

Making Baby Food!

This has been quite a week! I am very grateful that the weekend has arrived, and I have time to regroup. I have been keeping up with cooking dinner almost nightly, and have made some blog-worthy meals, but I haven't been very good at photographing my time in the kitchen... I might just start posting with fewer photos.

For those who follow me, (hi mom!), you know that I have a *gasp* 5 month old baby boy! He's a big boy, and has recently been given the green light from the pediatrician to start eating some pureed foods. We attempted rice cereal, but he wasn't a fan... and I wasn't crazy about feeding him food from a box that looks like the flaky food people give their pet fish. Needless to say, I was psyched when the words "sweet potato", "squash" and "banana" came out of the pediatrician's mouth.

I had planned on making baby food at home, fueled by my love for cooking and encouraged by friends and acquaintances who reported that it really is easy, affordable, and possible on a limited schedule. So, when one of my closest friends, knowing me as well as she does, got me the Baby Bullet as a baby shower gift, (proving not all off-register purchases are bad!!), I was very excited and couldn't wait for the chance to make some baby food!

Last weekend, I made sweet potatoes. First, I cleaned, peeled, chopped, and steamed the (organic) sweet potato. Then, I put the very well cooked potato pieces into the large mixing bowl, along with the cooking liquid and pressed down... less than a minute later, I had perfectly pureed sweet potatoes. The single sweet potato made 10* baby servings, which I very easily stored in the single serving containers, and in the freezing tray.

He loves sweet potatoes! I love that I made his food, very inexpensively... no preservatives, no unknown ingredients, and nutrient rich! Everyone is happy. (Unless its dirty diaper time, lol).

Today, I whipped up some pureed banana for him to try tomorrow morning... Very easy! Sliced raw banana, water, puree... done! Cleanup is very easy too, since all of the pieces are top-rack dishwasher safe. (I hate doing dishes). I'm looking forward to being my little man's personal chef, (and to playing with my new favorite kitchen gadget).

*We will be getting more than 10 baby servings out of the potato. The first couple of days, while getting used to eating, he didn't take a full serving. We started with a tablespoon per meal, and are now up to about two tablespoons per meal. We just follow Ben's lead.

**Do not start feeding your baby foods without guidance from your pediatrician! This website is not intended for baby advice, its simply a documentary of my experience. If you have questions about feedings, what foods to choose and how to feed your baby, it is best to speak to your pediatrician.**

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  1. So glad Ben (and you) are enjoying the baby bullet.