September 23, 2014

What's New??

So, it has been a long time since I last shared a recipe here... A lot has changed in the last two-plus years. Many changes that brought me away from the kitchen and computer... and some that have me coming back!

I have had two job changes. The hardest was the transition to night shift, which had me cooking quick meals or being lazy and ordering out, and really impacted what I considered to be a healthy lifestyle. I can now happily report that I am back to working during the day!! It gives me a lot more time awake and at home during normal people hours. Not to mention a renewed appreciation for breakfast foods, and a chance to really make (or have my husband make) and enjoy dinner every night (not just cook and eat as fast as I can before I run out the door).

I also now have an almost three year old, and a bun in the oven!! My older son loves helping me cook, and has really been a driving force in getting me back in the kitchen. It's important to me to make memories in the kitchen, and make sure that my family is eating healthy and delicious meals. (Not to mention it is much more budget-friendly!)

I am happy to be rediscovering this blog, and my time in the kitchen. I plan to give people-food a little face lift to fit the changes in my life and cooking. I have many more recipes and delicious stories
to share, and I hope that you'll continue to visit and enjoy!

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