October 09, 2014

Road Trip!! Travel Snacks: Trail Mix

Today, we head off on vacation: two weddings, celebration of our sixth wedding anniversary, visiting family in South Carolina and Florida, and hopefully relaxing much more than we have been lately. I am grateful that we have the opportunity to spend the next two weeks making memories and relaxing as a family of three, because our January due date will creep up faster than we think, and I think our older son will really appreciate the extra attention!

Whenever we go on a road trip, I make sure to pack certain road trip snacks. First, there are essentials: Twizzlers and Corn Nuts. (I realize that neither are particularly healthy, and Corn Nuts may seem weird to many, but it's a tradition). I also try to balance out the junk food that we will inevitably eat on the road, (plus the Twizzlers and Corn Nuts), with some healthier options.

For this trip, I also picked up some fresh HoneyCrisp apples, and packed them along with some pretzels, all-natural fruit snacks for my son, bottles of water, and home made trail mix.

Trail mix is something that I have taken to making at home as opposed to purchasing pre-made mixes due to my son's tree nut allergy. My husband and I used to have almonds and/or cashews in the house all the time, and would pick up trail mixes that included almonds, cashews, and other- now forbidden- nuts. Thankfully, peanuts are safe! This time I am staying away from adding chocolate or chocolate candies to my mix, just in case it ends up getting a bit toasty- so I don't have to worry about melty chocolatey gooeyness all over little fingers... and my car interior.

For this trip, I made a simple mix of some of our favorites: honey roasted peanuts, banana chips, reduced-sugar Craisins, and roasted sunflower seeds. Salty, sweet, simple, and much cheaper than many of the pre-made mixes.

I enjoy trying new ingredients- sometimes I will add shredded coconut, cereal pieces (Chex or Cheerios), or anything else that looks good when I'm at the store or gets requested. Great tree-nut/nut free mix-ins include: pretzels, mini marshmallows, popcorn, caramel corn, graham cereals, Teddy Grahams, dried fruits (apricots, pineapple, blueberries, apples, etc), and Goldfish or other cheddar crackers. There are loads of possibilities!

That's it for now- we are on the road! I plan to write in about places we discover and meals we enjoy while we are away. (I'm super excited about the "Practice Thanksgiving" that we'll be having with my Florida family!)

For some other trail mix ideas, check out this list of tasty combinations! (All of which include tree nuts and/or peanuts.)

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