April 23, 2015

Birthday Cake Martini

I recently had the chance to celebrate my mom's (belated) birthday with her, while she was visiting from out of state. One of her requests was a birthday cake martini- a drink that we found/tweaked for my birthday celebration a few years ago. 

This martini has become one of my favorite drinks- not overly sweet, and yet it makes for a great dessert- I need to figure out how to stick a birthday candle in it! 

Birthday Cake Martini
Makes 2

3oz cake vodka (Three Olives)
2oz amaretto (Disaronno)
3oz creme de cacao
1oz white chocolate liquor (Godiva)
2oz cream (or half & half)

Squeeze a small amount of chocolate sauce onto a paper towel, gently slide towel along edge of glass, leaving behind a chocolate rim. Pour multicolored sprinkles onto plate, and gently press down chocolate-rimmed glass onto sprinkles in order to help them stick. (You may need to rotate glass to get even coverage.) Place ice in shaker, pour in all ingredients, shake and pour into (martini) glasses. 

...When I recently made this, it made 2 1/2 drinks (it could have made 3 slightly smaller servings); it was a good amount to provide my mother, my mother in law, and myself with a tasty treat. Don't let its name discourage you- there's no need to wait for a birthday to sip this nip!

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