About Me

My name is Brielle.  I am a Florida native, who moved "up north" to New Jersey to go to college, and experience the change of seasons.  In 2007, I graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I met my Prince Charming that year as well... Fast forward, and I now call the Garden State my home- along with my Prince and two little boys!!

I have no formal culinary training... but have a love of cooking that started when I was young. I have many happy memories involving cooking and spending time in the kitchen with my grandmother, mother and aunts. They are a group of women who, for the most part, use recipes as loose guidelines, do everything by taste and sight, and cook because they enjoy it.  I am very grateful to have learned from and with them, and to have some of their fun-loving, experimental spirit in the kitchen. I enjoy trying new flavors and recipes on a regular basis, as well as perfecting favorites and "tweaking" recipes as needed/wanted to make delicious meals for my family. I set out to find and create easy solutions for everyday meals, along with more challenging recipes to test my skills and satisfy my curiosity.

I originally created this blog a few years ago as a semi-New Years resolution/promise that I made to myself that I would do something everyday for myself that I enjoy... Despite being about my love of food and things food related, its also, in part, to satisfy my secret desire to write and my want to learn more about photography (when I have time to play with my "good" camera).

Here, I share food... recipes old and new, cookbooks, fun facts, gadgets/tools, and restaurant experiences.

Turkey Cupcakes, Nov. 2010